Semenax to boost Sperm

Semenax is a powerful sperm booster that can help men increase their ejaculation. In puberty, the same hormones from the pituitary gland that stimulate a woman’s menstrual cycles start the male process of sperm maturation. However, may continue to produce sperm all his life, without ever using up his renewable supply. If he remains relatively healthy, sperm will always be present in his semen, even if he reaches his 80s or 905. Learn more about Semenax at
Another difference between men and women (and there are certainly plenty!) is that in only one month an egg fully matures and is released, Jut it takes about three months to form, mature, and release sperm. This explains why it takes so long to see a positive change in a man’s semen quality if he undergoes a treatment designed to improve his sperm production thanks to Semenax available at
Semenax to boost Sperm
The illustration above shows the steps of sperm cell production inside the seminiferous tubules which can be boosted with proper Semenax Supplementation. In step 1 of the sperm production cycle, the parent cells (spermatogonia) each divide into two new, round cells. These duplicated cells will continue to grow and divide, but the parent cell will remain in its original state, always ready to make new copies of itself.
Like all other body cells, the parent cells and each of the two new copies have exactly 46 chromosomes. These chromosomes are tiny rod-shaped structures made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the genetic building code of living creatures. Chains of DNA form into genes, nature’s blueprint. Within its 46 chromosomes, each cell has all the genes needed to build a complete human being. The 46 chromosomes are contained in the nucleus, or central structure of each cell, and actually form 23 pairs. Twenty-two of the pairs match, although each paired chromosome carries slightly different versions of the same genes (for example, a gene for blue eyes on one member of a pair, and one for brown eyes on the matching chromosome). The last pair of chromosomes includes the X and the Y, called the “sex chromosomes” because they determine a human being’s gender. A female has two Xs and a male has an X and a Y.
Boost Sperm Cells With Semenax
In step 2, as the second generation sperm cells continue to divide, a special process, called meiosis, takes place due to the increase in Semenax. In meiosis, the chromosomes pair up during cell division, but then only one member of each pair enters each of the two new cells. These cells, called spermatocytes, contain only 23 chromosomes. During meiosis, the genes shuffle around somewhat between the paired chromosomes, so that each spermatocyte contains a unique combination of genes. And of course, each spermatocyte either contains just one X or one Y sex chromosome. Since the egg from the mother always contributes one X chromosome during fertilization, it is the sperm from the father that determines the sex of his future children. If you want too shoot more semen than get your bottle of Semenax today!