Administration of ibogaine to Patients

When it comes to the dosage of ibogaine to use in administration to addiction victims, studies of several authors should be taken into account. Between physicians and pharmacists all over the world, there is a real and dangerous possibility that a mistake may be made in a person’s prescription of drugs. Incorrect dosing of ibogaine drugs for instance, which effects how much medication a person takes either by the concentration of the pills or instructions on usage, can produce extremely hazardous situations for a patient’s health. Therefore care should be taken that treatment is at registered ibogaine clinic and by a qualified ibogaine medical professional. This effect of the 2 mg per kg as a test dose will usually produce slight euphoria which lends to a person being more amiable to receive the next and largest dose.

Years ago, during the first series of treatments, after giving the full amount of 18 – 22 mg/kg that followed the 1 mg/kg test dose, it was found that giving a smaller amount of 13 to 16 mg/kg allows for more comfort for a person who is obviously less traumatized by the intensity of the first stage and more open to receiving a booster of 6 – 8 mg per kg 5 to 8 hours later.The use of a multi-dose regimen of ibogaine, particularly for methadone or cocaine, is in keeping with some literature on the work indicating physical withdrawal signs to methadone may be precipitated as long as 14 days after the administration of methadone by a narcotic antagonist drug such as naltrexone.

Herewith is a dose regimen used to treat a patient who had been receiving 300 mg of methadone per day. There are several ways that overdosage may occur if strict adherence to instructions is not met. This illustrates a damaging example of how the healthcare industry can fail its patients in their time of need. Number one reason to use ibogaine detox treatment is to ameliorate stress. Recently the following regimen has been to clear a methadone dependent person who was taking 300 mg of methadone per day.A sample treatment is given below.

At 52 hours of a patient’s last 300 mg. methadone dose, he should be given 5,200 mg Indra extract. Over the next 72 hours, the patient will have no physical withdrawal as per usual like vomiting, no diarrhea, sweating, pounding headache, running nose, but may feel miserable. In 72 hours after the first dose of Indra extract, he should be given him 100 mg Ibogaine Hydrochloride.

96 hours after the first dose of Indra extract, he should be given him 100 miligram of Ibogaine hydrochloride. 5 days after the first dose of Indra extract, he should be given 3,800 mg. Indra extract and 100mg after 7 days. The next day, at the same time as the first dose of Indra extract, he should be given 100 mg. Ibo HCI. By the 11th day (12 days from his last 300 mg. methadone dose), you will see that he will be bright, lucid, sharp, no slurring, no signs of any methadone or cocaine, no withdrawal or craving or discomfort of any kind.

Patient ate little in the 12 days. The patient lost 25 pounds and looks robust, with healthy skin. An author said talked on the dose and product and said that new guides to the use of ibogaine, may be confused in dosage distinctions between HCl and extract. It would be a very unpleasant death, as with 4 or more grams of ibogaineHCl on board. But in my own opinion 29 mg/kg of HCl may be too much for a young addict. It is effective for withdrawal and craving and for the vast majority of patients is neither too weak or too strong. Anyway from the second treatment on (which I prefer to administer not earlier than 3 or 4 weeks afterwards) the subject can easily cope with 20 mg/kg and does not feel it as stronger than the first treatment.