Deleted Data on Sony Xperia Smart Phones

Sony’s Xperia smartphone is a smart gadget for sure.

Perhaps this question is best asked on a Sony newsgroup but that tried without much success and my post appears to get swept up in lots of white noise about people’s displays breaking. So I’ve made a decision to compose a blog post about it if I get a better answer to see!
I ‘ve a sneaking suspicion that the 2GB is part of the 16GB even though the Xperia is billed as having 16GB storage with 2GB RAM. You can try it yourself: First of all you have to produce a big file in your cellphone’s RAM – the simplest approach to do this really is to take an image. Do this now and after you’ve shot the image, don’t snap the tick (to save) or the cross (to delete) the graphic, just keep it as it is.

As it’s being used by your picture the graphic you’ve got taken in now in the phone’s memory, so part of that 2GB storage space has become lost. Now, be certain your cellphone isn’t saving data to a micro SD card or similar, and that it is instead saving data to the 16GB memory. Once you have affirmed this you can press on the tick button – this transfers the file from the 2GB RAM into the 16GB storage space. Are they still there, or have some of them vanished? On my cellphone I see that occasionally data evaporates from my cellphone. I actually don’t have a sound reason for this but I consider that when the 16GB storage starts to fill up, writing a large file from RAM into storage induces some files to either be overwritten or become corrupted.

I attempted to analyze whether some files running a data recovery application over it and were being overwritten by hooking my mobile up to a PC. It didn’t take long to complete the search, which, came. You can find two explanations with this. Either the file was never on the data which made up my file had been fully overwritten or the phone in the very first place. The first explanation was obviously incorrect so I can only think when I saved a picture to my mobile’s memory that it is contents and the file had been overwritten. This really is pretty odd though – Perhaps I ‘d some type of corruption on the telephone ‘s indexing?

Regrettably I didn’t understand how to assess this – but an internet search pushed me to this page I found their writings about JTAG and Processor-off recovery techniques interesting and spoke to them regarding my vanishing data scenario.

They told about all sorts of oddities around cellular phone data and indicated it could be something to do with an incompatibility or issue with my Android operating system. They went to propose that a dump of the phone’s memory would identify the reason for the problem and nearly definitely identify whether my missing file was still on the phone and recoverable or had been overwritten.