Apple iWatch News


Much of what we carry in our hands in the form of mobile phones is making its way to our wrists in the form of smartwatches and all the fitness trackers. This year has seen enough of these mobile devices; from the Google Glass to the Android Wear, this year can rightly be called the year of the smartwatches. Apple has been focusing well on its projects and now that they are all set in their places, it is time for the iWatch to make its appearance and it surely is going to be soon.
From what we have heard so far, the iWatch is going to be loaded with sensors because it is all about your body. Unlike your smarthphone, your iWatch is going to focus precisely on the details of your body. At the WWDC if there was one major thing we got to know about the iWatch it was that it will be a complete fitness and health monitoring system. All this will be supported by a total of 10 sensors including some biometric ones. On the specs side we have heard that the iWatch will sport a 1.3 or a 2.5 inch display with wireless charging capabilities. The battery on the other hand is expected to range from 200 to 250mAh. However there are chances of a kinetic solar power too as supplementary.

What to expect from the software?

The supply chain tends to drop some hints every now and then on the hardware but the software usually remains under the covers till the last minute so this is mostly going to be about guesswork. Though we already know that the iWatch is going to feature the iOS 8, we should be hoping for any software leaks before the iWatch enters its production stage. The smartwatch market is already getting crowded and with so many major competitors, Apple would most likely feature all those important features. For instance the features that allow you to receives calls and texts are just the basics. You will perhaps even be allowed to answer directly from the watch using the iOS / OS X ecosystem’s new Continuity and Handoff features. iWatch apps would also be paired with Apple’s new HomeKit API.

But this isn’t the focus of Apple on the iWatch; it’s predominantly the fitness and health related stuff. iWatch will feature iOS 8’s Health app and it will provide the app with much of the data it needs through the use of sensors. You can expect anything from blood sugar level to heart problems to be monitored, alongside standard fitness and wellbeing metrics such as steps taken and how settled a sleeping session has been.

What we know about the appearance

We are really eager to see how the iWatch turns out to be. It will obviously be a big thing for the iOS 8 to be packed inside a smaller form factor such as a wristwatch. You can have a little idea about what a wearable’s interface looks like from the Google Android Wear. There is more guessing involved for the software. As far as the hardware is concerned, there is usually just a circular or a square screen which you can expect. Just like the iPhone 6, it is expected that the iWatch is also going to have two different models;  one with a rectangular screen and rubber strap aimed at sports enthusiasts, along with a circular “Designer” model sporting a stainless steel link band.

iWatch’s availability and pricing

Being a connected iPhone device, it is most likely that the iWatch is going to appear alongside the iPhone 6 which is expected to arrive in late August or early September. According to Deutsche Telekom, the iPhone 6 will arrive in stores on September 19. The iWatch is most probably going to cost $299 (approximately £176 in the UK).