Parallels now available for Android and iPhone

iPhone and Android users can control their Mac or desktop PC throught their phone thanks to the remote desktop app Parallels. Until now the application was only accessible to iPad users, but after the latest update Adroid users can make use of it. The app lets you connect to your computer through you mobile phone’s internet and that way you can use all of your computer’s software while not at home. For example you can edit MS Word documents through your smartphone and tablet.

Parallels on iPnone

The latest version of Paralles supports Android 4+ and iPhone 4S or a newer iPhone and the application can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes. When it comes to your computer you’ll need Windows 7, Mac OS X Lion or more recent version of any of the two operating systems. The software runs smooth on all device including tablets and smartphones, because is small in size and didn’t consume much resources, which is a big plus.

parallels on android

Unfortunately Paralles is paid app, but It looks like it’s worth it’s price because the users reviews are great. You can use it two weeks for free to decide if you like the app and if you decide to continue using the software you’ll need to pay $20 for one year subscription. The good news is that the company is now running promotion (which ends on 30 June) and for $30 you can get two-year subscription. The subscriptions grants you the right to use Paralles on unlimited number of mobile devices and five computers. Looks like good deal.

In regards to mobile phones Parallels has a lot of competitors and one of them is Microsoft, which have their own application for remote controlling PCs through tablets and smartphones. So if you don’t want to pay for Parallels you just need to search a little bit and you can find free software that can do the work. To be honest, if you don’t need to connect to your PC often and you don’t need a lot of functionality it may be better to look for free alternative.