Listen Up And Take Notes

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Chinese food if you want your the Chinese restaurant you should, I say some true like now I’m going to eat royal dragon Golden Dragon fun thank him for some reason have a Chinese restaurant. In the world happened with Dragon Age II said you don’t even know how, to racially stereotyped cozzie itself but you have on the video but it was revealed to do with the pencil with a forty year old brother. You know their reaction with big as hell eventually like you know both a little Michael Durant, but away you know what that I think about it you look like a little brother I got a Spanish but you attaché pad death issue even if I thought so.

In double your fun of people by what touch you, and let’s be real on the point you make this video know we feel like when you on this side you look like the only black man, on earth that allowed to drop the N word even why people look at you will be like. I’m here dole you day but on a more serious note base do if you drop another video like this I’m goanna happen is actually, you tell me what you want to do in the weekly pass on the video shoot with 6pcs to talk to the back in. Equation with the pack stock dolphins yep that’s what imp black then beat that true up that backing on neck with.